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Network Automation Solutions

A New Speed of Business Comes with New Challenges

The speed of business is increasing as businesses and industries embark on digital transformation. As new technologies are adopted, business practices are changing, as are customer experiences and expectations. These shifting priorities and expectations require a rethink of operational models used by organizations today.

Liimrasoft virtualizes all networking and security functions to enable faster deployment through automation by reducing manual, error-prone tasks. Complete lifecycle automation of applications ensures that policy is provisioned, managed, and retired in lockstep with workloads, eliminating operational bottlenecks in the application lifecycle.

This automated process allows for fast, consistent networking and security across both traditional and new applications, regardless of where they reside in the data center, and with NSX Cloud, regardless of their location in public clouds. Automating traditional IT tasks, new cloud-native architectures, and platforms, and ongoing operations empower IT organizations and developers to move at the increasing speed of business.